Thursday, March 14, 2013

Personalize Space

Some of my favorite blogs are virtual tours of private spaces:

The Selby profiles the audacious and eccentric. 



Apartment Therapy studies the familiar and accessible.


Glossy design magazines feature celebrities in their staged and exotic homes.


In Menno Aden’s portraits, the unfamiliar angle transforms the effects of everyday life into art.


This modern voyeurism is big business. We are compelled to see how people live in their space.

In my work, I am graciously invited into people’s homes to help reshape their spaces. There is a lot of sharing that is vital to building both our relationship and the project. I am thankful for the opportunity to work creatively and collaboratively with homeowners. But, more than that, I am respectful of their home life and personal habits even if I have to look in people’s closets and drawers, and talk about bathrooms and bedtimes.

My goal in the design process is to plan space for the specific needs of each individual and family. To highlight what is uniquely their own lifestyle and taste.

A large family kitchen needs to accommodate everyone, including pets. And specialized cooking appliances for particular cooking habits should be included early on in the space program.


A bathroom space may be sectioned to provide privacy for more than one user and
showers can be built to suit in custom dimensions.


Personalizing improves both construction and ornamentation. A cultivated collection reflects the homeowners life experiences and adventures. And, with room, these collections grow over time. A personal library is a good example of a vibrant and affordable collection. Books add texture and focus to a room and tell the story of what interests and inspires their owner. 

Josh Kuchinsky Photography

The most inviting spaces are authentic and unique: where you learn something, where
you find surprise, where landmarks of unusual and memorable details ground you.

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